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Water, life, electricity and energy These four elements have enabled us to create Holo Electron, a solid company since 1928..

Holo Electron develops and markets body care and beauty products that can be used by everyone and for everyone based on the concept of "feeling good about yourself".

Water and electricity are two indispensable sources of our daily lives and also of the elements fundamental to our comfort and beautyWe find them in the appliances we manufacture : Lucas Championnière sprayer and our electrotherapy equipment.

Take a look at our website and let us guide you. find out more about our equipment and complementary products that will take you in the world of natural well-being.

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Sprayer Lucas Championnière

One device, an infinite number of moods

It allows an electric spray that diffuses micro-droplets of warm water that dilate the pores of the skin. Thus, deeply cleansed, free of all impurities, your skin will be fresh again.

Reliable, handy and practical, the sprayer performs a real micro-massage with soothing and decongesting effects. The spray is suitable for the most fragile, irritable and delicate skin.

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High-frequency equipment

A natural and gentle solution

The high-frequency equipment transmit a so-called high-frequency current, the nature of which can vary according to the type of care required, between a more or less high frequency and a voltage that changes in the opposite direction.

Transmitted by electrodes appropriate to the type of treatment, it irradiates the treated parts in the manner of waves whose effects are concentrated around the point of contact of the electrode at a level that remains superficial.

The alternating current oscillates at a rate of approximately 1 million times per second, providing beneficial effects for the cells that will be appreciated according to the type of treatment, by gentle therapy from well-being and relaxation or in beauty treatments.

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